Find Damien Sharp

Missing from Warren, PA since 2002

Others missing from PA and NY (and Lori Ceci-Bova)

In addition to Damien, the CUE center lists those missing throughout the country. Damien is missing from Warren, PA which is also very near the NY border and in the list below of those from NY you will see Lori Bova (whose family are dear friends to us), Lakewood, NY and Warren, PA are coincidently and ironically only 20 minutes away from each other. (see here on our site for links for info about Lori). It was especially wonderful to have been able to be there on behalf of Lori’s mother who passed away last year, and it was also wonderful to see and meet so many other families from our area at CUE’s National conference in Wilmington.

for “Missing Other States” click here

The following missing persons from other states are currently listed;  anyone with information concerning a missing person please contact our center, you do not have to reveal your identity. You must have your case registered to be featured on this site, click on “file a report” to learn more.


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