Find Damien Sharp

Missing from Warren, PA since 2002


Crime Stoppers joins search for Damien Sharp with $2,000 reward

June 17, 2011
By BRIAN FERRY , The Times Observer

Warren County Crime Stoppers doesn’t usually get involved in missing persons cases, but in the case of Damien Sharp, the organization is making an exception.

Since Sharp was last seen in May of 2002, many local and regional organizations have contributed to the effort of finding him.

Crime Stoppers is joining that list and making the reward available the largest it has ever offered.

“It’s been a long time since Damien’s been missing,” Crime Stoppers Board President Pete Carnovale said. “We are willing to put up $2,000 for any information that would lead to the whereabouts of Damien.”

“All calls are anonymous and can not be traced,” according to the Crime Stoppers release announcing the reward. “Callers will remain anonymous throughout the payout process. Please call: 1-800-83-CRIME.”

Sharp’s mother said on Thursday that she was pleased and surprised by Crime Stoppers’ announcement.

“Thank God for Crime Stoppers,” “We’re just so grateful. I can’t even explain how much this means to me. It’s like someone’s reaching out and saying, ‘Why don’t we help you?'”

Police are investigating Sharp’s case as a missing person and a possible homicide. That it is possible that no crime was committed makes Sharp’s case an unusual one for Crime Stoppers.

“Our rewards are based on information that leads to the solving of a crime,” Carnovale said. “This is definitely beyond what we usually do. We feel it would help to have closure to the case.”

The board described resolving the case as “paramount,” according to Carnovale.

“The gesture is very gracious,” City of Warren Police Investigator Tony Chimenti said. “I hope that the amount of money that they’re offering up front for information would help us.”

“We feel that if we make it appealing to some individual who knows the whereabouts of where he is, dead or alive, this might entice someone to come forward,” Carnovale said.

“I hope somebody takes the opportunity to call, not just for the money, maybe for peace of mind,” Damien’s Mother said. “I would like to thank the Warren County Crime Stoppers for myself and my family, and for Damien.”


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