Find Damien Sharp

Missing from Warren, PA since 2002

Damien featured and family attends at CUE 2011 Conference.

Missing Persons National Round Table Conference 2011 Missing Persons National Round Table Conference 2011

“HOPE LIGHTS THE WAY” In March the CUE Center for Missing Persons hosted its… 

Families of missing loved ones gather for support

By: Julie Fertig Updated 03/28/2011 02:37 PM

(coverage and interview featuring Damien)
WILMINGTON — Hundreds of families and friends from across the country with missing loved ones gathered in Wilmington for a weekend of sharing, understanding and exploring.

The families gathered as part of the National CUE Center for Missing Person’s 7th Annual Missing Person’s Conference. Katie Towner has been searching for her cousin, Brian Sullivan, since 2007 when he disappeared from Rochester, New York. This year is Towner’s first time attending the missing persons conference.

Over the weekend, Towner met over 200 people from 23 states who are also searching for a missing loved one and understand what she is going through.

“To be able to speak with people that are experiencing the same things that we are and maybe that doors have been close on them as well and their cases have gone cold,: said Towner. “It’s very nice to be able to relate.”
The Cue Center is located in Wilmington, but serves as an advocate for families across the country. The conference gives everyone a chance to gather together in one place.

The theme of the conference was ‘Hope Lights the Way’ and gave families new approaches to finding out what happened to their loved one.
“We see a lot of bonding and relationships occurring for those who feel like they’re lost out their,” said CUE Center Founder Monica Caison.
Caison said many people attending the conference walk away with a new sense of hope.

“They’re meeting other victims that have found their loved ones, so our families are more encouraged that hey this does happen,” said Caison.

The non-profit organization has helped more than 9,000 families. If you have any information about any missing persons case, please call the CUE Center for missing persons at 910 343-1131.



To the mournful, love-filled words of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” and candles lighting up the night, a large gathering at Riverfront Park honored homicide victims who were once missing persons.


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